I can help with...

Innovation strategy

I've worked with Government, NGO's and social enterprises to help them balance everyday service delivery with strategic innovation.

Innovation muscle

I've delivered workshops to hundreds people in the social sector in the principles and practice of design and innovation.

Service redesign

I can take you through a strategic redesign of your service model to help you uncover what you need to keep and what you need to change.

Conference facilitation

I've delivered talks and facilitated interactive workshops with rooms from ten to two hundred people.

Some of my work

Philosophy of work

I believe in People

You can't make change for people by talking about them in a meeting. Your first ideas about what they want and how to best help them are certainly wrong. The only way to fix that is to get out in the field.

I believe in Making

Ideas aren't useful until they are out of your head. Tangible You can have shared conversations, you can check understandings. You can 'make' a paragraph, a brochure, a website, skit.

I believe in Learning

Your first ideas are always wrong. It's only by making sketches and prototypes and continually involving the people you're working with that you'll ever get to good products.

I believe in Startups

I have worked on far too many programs that have failed while waiting on ponderous funders with misaligned values. There will always be a place for philanthropy, but the future of social change is social enterprise.

I believe in Outcomes

Far too many governments and organisations measure butts-in-seats rather than actual change. Service delivery numbers are easier to track, but they're also useless without a stronger theory of change and measurement system in place.

I believe in Building Capacity

Practically speaking, we don't know best for the people with whom we're working, and we'll be successful if we involve them in the process. Idealistically speaking, we have a responsibility to respect their potential and build their capacity.

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